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Christmas Decor for a Small Apartment

Living in a small apartment doesn't offer many options for elaborate holiday decor. With a little ingenuity, however, I've created a lovely holiday-themed apartment. A miniature lighted Christmas tree carefully placed on my side table greets visitors as they enter my home. Making good use of my front room window, I have adorned it with decor, using tinsel and garland, as well as miniature stockings hung with suction cups. As a festive alternative, you might try hanging shiny ornaments on the window in much the same way. If your apartment is designed with a staircase, decorate the banister. Use garland, tinsel, holly or even holiday greeting cards. Finally, if your apartment is furnished with a fireplace, decorate the mantel. I've placed a two-foot tall animated and musical Santa on my mantel. I hope my blog gives you some fun decorating ideas for your small home.


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Christmas Decor for a Small Apartment

Have A Broken Window? Use These 3 Tips To Safely Pick Up Small Glass Shards From Your Carpet

by Luke Patterson

If you have carpeting on your floor, a broken window can present a challenge. While picking up large pieces of glass is easy, it is harder to get up the tinier pieces of glass that can get be stepped on by your family and pets. Here are some ways to make sure you can pick up all the tiny glass shards left behind, so you can make sure the carpet is safe for your household. 

Use Duct Tape

Duct tape can be a great way to start collecting the little pieces of glass that may be caught in the fibers of your carpet. Simply wrap a piece of duct tape around a broomstick with the sticky side facing out. Gently pat the carpet around the window; glass shards should stick to the duct tape. Get glass pieces under couches and tables by sliding the broomstick under and along the edges of those items. When the duct tape is full of glass, use gloves to gently remove the duct tape from the broomstick and discard it.

Vacuum with the Hose Attachment

After picking up slivers of glass with duct tape, it is time to catch any pieces that have settled into the fibers of your carpet. Vacuuming is the best way to do this, but make sure that you only use the hose attachment to do this job. Simply moving the vacuum across the carpet might send tiny slivers of glass flying everywhere. Listen for the sound of glass traveling through the attachment, and when you no longer hear that noise, you can be confident that you've captured most of the glass hiding in the carpet, if not all. Remember to empty the vacuum canister as soon as you're done so that you don't put anyone else at risk when they vacuum in the future.

Avoid Plastic Bags

Many people pick up a lot of pieces of broken glass and put them in plastic bags. That can be dangerous for anyone who handles the bag, and the bag can be cut by the glass inside it, leading to more cleanup and safety issues. To avoid this, you may wish to put the glass in a hard plastic container with a lid. If you have to use a plastic bag, be sure to use a heavy-thickness bag or double bag the glass. Make sure you put a label on the bag to keep everyone safe.

Being sure to use the information in this article will help you, your family and your pets avoid getting glass stuck in feet and paws. When you contact a window repair contractor at a business like http://www.unitedglassaurora.com, find out if there are additional measures you should take before the window is fixed.