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Christmas Decor for a Small Apartment

Living in a small apartment doesn't offer many options for elaborate holiday decor. With a little ingenuity, however, I've created a lovely holiday-themed apartment. A miniature lighted Christmas tree carefully placed on my side table greets visitors as they enter my home. Making good use of my front room window, I have adorned it with decor, using tinsel and garland, as well as miniature stockings hung with suction cups. As a festive alternative, you might try hanging shiny ornaments on the window in much the same way. If your apartment is designed with a staircase, decorate the banister. Use garland, tinsel, holly or even holiday greeting cards. Finally, if your apartment is furnished with a fireplace, decorate the mantel. I've placed a two-foot tall animated and musical Santa on my mantel. I hope my blog gives you some fun decorating ideas for your small home.


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Christmas Decor for a Small Apartment


Roll Out A Persian Rug And Give Your Home A Little Makeover Magic

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to breathe a little life into any room of your home, a Persian rug can pack a powerful punch. Suitable for any room of the home, Persian rugs with their colorful fibers are a great choice for any decorating style due to their versatility. They can add needed color to a neutral decorating theme and can easily become the focal point of a room when used as the center of a furniture grouping.

Constructing A Cover For Your Patio

If you are looking for options to make your patio more attractive, you should consider the installation of a new cover for it. This can be a routine upgrade that may greatly enhance your ability to enjoy your time when you and your family are spending time on the patio. Covering The Patio Can Reduce The Risk Of Skin Damage For a patio that does not have a source of shade, it will be possible for those on it to be exposed to extremely strong sunlight.

Why You Should Visit A Kitchen Showroom

Making decisions can be challenging if you are remodeling or renovating your home's kitchen. While there are many resources that can help you plan out the changes you want to make to your kitchen, seeing your options in person can make it easier to visualize the changes you want to make. Heading to a kitchen showroom can be a great help when remodeling your home's kitchen. Here are three reasons why a visit to a kitchen showroom is worth the effort.

Creating An Effective Design For Your Property's New Fence

Mistakes when designing or installing a fence can be a significant issue that has the potential to compromise the look of the new fence as well as the results that it provides in terms of enhanced security or privacy. Not Considering the Potential Of A Pet Tunneling Under The Fence If you are installing the new fence to help keep pets on your property, you should avoid overlooking the prospects of them tunneling under the fence to escape.

4 Things to Know About Residential Tree Removal

Removing a tree from your yard is a big step. Whether the tree is sick or healthy, you probably hate to see a mature tree go. However, it's important for the safety of your home and family to remove a tree that's weak and unstable. Here are a few things to know about residential tree removal. 1. Talk to Your Codes Office First You may need to get permission from your local codes office to remove your tree.

Is Your Drinking Water Sour and Odorous? Get a Water Filtration System To Stay Safe Today

If the water in your home has a strange odor, tastes strange when you drink it plain and has some discoloration, reach out to a local company to get a water filtration system. You want to make sure that your water is safe, and you want to treat these problems, so you don't have to deal with poor water quality problems like staining and distaste. Here are the steps and actions you need to take to get better water as quickly as possible.