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Christmas Decor for a Small Apartment

Living in a small apartment doesn't offer many options for elaborate holiday decor. With a little ingenuity, however, I've created a lovely holiday-themed apartment. A miniature lighted Christmas tree carefully placed on my side table greets visitors as they enter my home. Making good use of my front room window, I have adorned it with decor, using tinsel and garland, as well as miniature stockings hung with suction cups. As a festive alternative, you might try hanging shiny ornaments on the window in much the same way. If your apartment is designed with a staircase, decorate the banister. Use garland, tinsel, holly or even holiday greeting cards. Finally, if your apartment is furnished with a fireplace, decorate the mantel. I've placed a two-foot tall animated and musical Santa on my mantel. I hope my blog gives you some fun decorating ideas for your small home.


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Christmas Decor for a Small Apartment

Two Tips To Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

by Luke Patterson

The importance of protecting the environment is rapidly becoming more of a concern for many people. However, it is common for individuals to be unsure of the steps that they can take to reduce the damage they cause to the environment. For example, it is common for individuals to fail to realize that there are a couple of tips that can help make the kitchen far more eco-friendly. Furthermore, these steps can be done with minimal expense and additional kitchen supplies.

Avoid Non-Stick Cooking Items

You may not realize that they type of cookware that you use can play a major role in the amount of waste created by your kitchen. Non-stick cookware is extremely popular for a number of reasons, but these items have a far shorter lifespan than cookware composed of cast iron. This stems from the fact that the non-stick coating will eventually wear down, which results in the item needing to be replaced.

By opting for items that will not suffer this type of problem, you can dramatically reduce your need to replace your cookware. In addition to helping you save money, this can also greatly reduce your kitchen's need for resources.

Designate An Area For Recycling

Over the course of a day, your kitchen can accumulate a sizable amount of trash. By taking the time to designate an area of your kitchen for recycling, you can greatly increase the chances that you will actually recycle the garbage produced by the kitchen.

It is common for individuals to not do this step due to space concerns, but a recycling area can be extremely compact. If you live in an area that uses single-stream recycling, you will only need one container for all of your recyclables. When this is not an option, you can buy a single trash can and partition it into four chambers.

This is done by buying two small wooden rods from your local hardware store. Place this over the top of the garbage can so that it is divided into 4 areas. You will only need to put a bag in each newly made partition to have a highly compact recycling bin.

Making sure that your kitchen is not causing any more environmental damage than necessary does not have to be a confusing or expensive task for you to do. Appreciating the benefits of avoiding buying non-stick cookware as well as designating a convenient area for recycling will help you to effortlessly improve your kitchen's eco-friendliness.

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