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Christmas Decor for a Small Apartment

Living in a small apartment doesn't offer many options for elaborate holiday decor. With a little ingenuity, however, I've created a lovely holiday-themed apartment. A miniature lighted Christmas tree carefully placed on my side table greets visitors as they enter my home. Making good use of my front room window, I have adorned it with decor, using tinsel and garland, as well as miniature stockings hung with suction cups. As a festive alternative, you might try hanging shiny ornaments on the window in much the same way. If your apartment is designed with a staircase, decorate the banister. Use garland, tinsel, holly or even holiday greeting cards. Finally, if your apartment is furnished with a fireplace, decorate the mantel. I've placed a two-foot tall animated and musical Santa on my mantel. I hope my blog gives you some fun decorating ideas for your small home.


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Christmas Decor for a Small Apartment

Is Your Greenwood Lake Cottage Overrun With Pests? Here's How To Rid Yourself Of Them

by Luke Patterson

If you've just purchased a vacation cottage in New Jersey located on Greenwood Lake, then you're probably really excited about it. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful lake during the summer and spring, but you can use the cottage as a base to go skiing at nearby mountains during the winter. And of course you will be up there in the fall to see the colors and maybe go pumpkin picking or apple picking with your kids. But what happens when you see a wasp nest on the side of your cottage or you see dust and suspect termites? Well, here is some advice.


When you see a wasp nest on the side of your home, be careful. If you knock it down, you risk being attacked by a swarm of angry wasps. Multiple stings can set off an allergic reaction and can be dangerous. The first thing you will want to do is go to a home improvement store and get an aerosol can of wasp spray. Make sure to get one that is capable of spraying from a distance of at least 15 or 20 feet. This will allow you to stay clear of the nest. When you get back to the cottage, put on a long sleeved shirt or jacket. This will protect you from stings from wasps that try and escape the nest once you begin spraying. You should also wear eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Completely soak the nest with spray. You should see some of the wasps fly out. Don't immediately try and knock the nest down. Wait a while and then spray it again. You should repeat the process a second day. Then it will be safe to knock the nest down with a rake.


While termites are not as obviously bothersome as wasps (they don't sting or bite) they can destroy your cottage and make the place unpleasant to live in. You don't want to show up and see holes along the walls indicative of termites. You won't be able to rest at night knowing the little creatures are eating away at your home. Now, this is not something you can handle yourself. Termites are really tough to deal with. You will need to contact a specialist that deals with termite extermination, such as one from a company like Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control.

Unlike some forms of extermination where your home will need to be completely fumigated, this is not the process with termites. What the exterminator will normally do is drill holes around the perimeter of your home and soak a termite poison into the soil. Because termites don't remain in your home (they travel back and forth between the soil and your house) this will kill them. The exterminator will also look for their passageways and lay poison there which will further ensure that they are killed off.