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Christmas Decor for a Small Apartment

Living in a small apartment doesn't offer many options for elaborate holiday decor. With a little ingenuity, however, I've created a lovely holiday-themed apartment. A miniature lighted Christmas tree carefully placed on my side table greets visitors as they enter my home. Making good use of my front room window, I have adorned it with decor, using tinsel and garland, as well as miniature stockings hung with suction cups. As a festive alternative, you might try hanging shiny ornaments on the window in much the same way. If your apartment is designed with a staircase, decorate the banister. Use garland, tinsel, holly or even holiday greeting cards. Finally, if your apartment is furnished with a fireplace, decorate the mantel. I've placed a two-foot tall animated and musical Santa on my mantel. I hope my blog gives you some fun decorating ideas for your small home.


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Christmas Decor for a Small Apartment

A Basic Guide To Seamless Gutters

by Luke Patterson

There is a lot of confusion about seamless gutter construction and benefits compared to the traditional options. As a homeowner, it's important that you understand what your gutter choices are so you can protect your roof, siding, and landscaping from the water running off of your home.

Basic Construction Method

Traditional gutters are made from pre-designed lengths that are then fitted together. The result is seaming at equal spacing along the entire gutter system. Seamless gutters are created from long continuous pieces of aluminum that are formed on-site to the specifications of your roofline. There are joints, but these are only at the corners of the roof where two custom-fitted gutter troughs meet. Unlike traditional gutters, which you can buy at a hardware store to install yourself, seamless gutters require professional installation due to the equipment and expertise required to customize them on-site.

Leak Prevention

The biggest benefit of a seamless gutter is that it is less likely to leak since the seams are only at the corners, typically where the downspout joins to the gutter system. To further prevent leaks, your installer will use a sufficient number of clips so that the gutters are aligned correctly and will stay in place even when weighted down with heavy rainfall, snow, or even sleet. Although made of aluminum, the gutters are also powder coated and sealed so that corrosion and rust are unlikely to cause holes and leaks.

Clog Resistance

Seamless gutters are also more clog-resistant compared to traditional options. This is in no small part due to the lack of seams. Seams create small raised bumps inside a gutter trough, which can catch leaves and other debris — eventually forming a clog. You still must clean out seamless gutters regularly, but minor clogs will become a thing of the past. You can install leaf catchers or gutter guards if you want to completely eliminate the chance of clogs.

Custom Options

Seamless gutters come in a wide array of finishes and colors to complement your home. Some services can even apply a custom enamel color to the aluminum gutter blanks at a cost so you can fully match the gutters to your home. You will also be provided with options on width and depth, which means you can better size the guttering to your roof design and the amount of rainfall your area experiences.

Contact a custom seamless gutter installation service like Seamless Gutters and More for more help.